The Importance of Concrete Crack Repair in Natick MA

If you notice cracks in the concrete foundation of your home or basement, it is important to invest in Crack Repair in Natick MA right away. However, before you select the repair option that is right for you, you should have the contractor you choose evaluate the crack in order to determine the objectives for the necessary repairs. Some details of the evaluation and repair process can be found here.

Evaluation of Concrete Cracks

When a crack in a slab is being evaluated, it should be measured to determine if any steel reinforcements pass through it and if the crack is dormant or active. This type of information, especially regarding the reinforcement details and the activity of the crack, is important when trying to determine the best option for repair.

The width of the crack is usually estimated with a crack comparator card. This will help to classify the seriousness of the crack and evaluate if an aggregate interlock used across the actual crack will be sufficient. Additionally, a number of the repair options will be dependent on the total width of the crack.

Repair of Concrete Cracks

There are a number of repair options including structural repairs, which usually include the use of epoxy resins tin order to weld or bond the concrete together once again. The Epoxy will not only seal the crack but also restore the stiffness and strength of the concrete. You should never try to repair a crack that is active with epoxy, since another one will be likely to form in the same location.

Filling and sealing are other nonstructural repairs. However, you should discuss this options with the contractor you use for Crack Repair in Natick MA. They will be able to point you in the right direction when it comes to crack repair.

For more information contact Drycrete Waterproofing. They can come to your location and evaluate the cracks that are present. This is the best way to determine the right repair method for the situation that you are facing. This will also ensure that the crack does not reappear or become worse as time passes.

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