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Water is our lifeblood. Without clean and usable water, our civilization would quickly die off. Of course, even our ancient ancestors knew this, and thousands of years ago, clean water technology was a vital part of every urban civilization’s infrastructure. The Romans, for example, developed a series of sophisticated aqueducts in order to transport clean water to different parts of their settlements. Even before the Romans, the mysterious civilization that predated the Greeks at Knossos had sophisticated sewerage systems and toilets!

The Problem of Hard Water

Of course, we’re a long way from those ancient days, but many municipalities experience another water problem: hard water. All of the water we use contains minerals, such as magnesium and calcium. Hard water contains high quantities of these dissolved minerals, including iron at times, and they can cause some real problems for homeowners, including:

* Skin and hair: When you bathe or shower in hard water, it can cause dry hair and itchy skin. Combined with many common soaps, it can even exacerbate conditions like eczema.

* Clothing: Washing clothes in hard water leads to them becoming dull and generally uncomfortable.

* Fixtures: Without the plumbing in your home, you wouldn’t be getting water at all! The problem is that hard water damages plumbing fixtures over time, including your taps. The dissolved minerals in the water can harden inside pipes and cause damage to other fittings. Water softeners solve these problems!

Softening Hard Water

The solution to these problems is to have one of many quality water softeners fitted to your home’s plumbing system. Water softeners in Marmora, NJ, when purchased from a reputable dealer, will solve your problems of dry skin, brittle hair, dull clothing, and damaged plumbing fixtures. Rather than endure poor quality water in your home, contact us today to get some advice on having a quality water softening system installed.

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Author: Myrtice Lovett

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