The Smart Way to Buy a Queen Mattress in Jackson, MS

If you have been sleeping on a saggy, uncomfortable queen mattress but dread the expense of replacing it, there is good news. Experts, such as the trained staff at Mattress Direct, can help you find an ideal, affordable queen mattress in Jackson, MS. In addition, they provide benefits that include:

  • COMFORT OPTIONS:  A good night’s sleep depends on the right mattress; and specialists, such as Mattress Direct, can help you find one that fits your style and budget. They offer options that include the Tempurpedic line. As you shop for your queen mattress in Jackson, MS, a trained expert will explain how Tempurpedic bedding aligns with your body, provides ideal airflow, and reduces motion. They can help you locate budget-friendly options in the clearance section, and demonstrate models that include features such as pillow tops and adjustable bases.
  • FRAMES:  In addition to the right mattress, sales staff can show you a range of bed frames. These may include adjustable bases, premium frames, and support system frames.  You can even view a Tempurpedic Ergo System with a wired remote.
  • BEDDING:  Experts can provide the pillows, linens, and protectors you need, to go along with your new mattress. They will show you quality sheets, mattress protectors, and more. You have the option to choose from Tempurpedic comfort,  memory foam, and Icomfort srunch pillows, as well as a variety of mattress covers that are ideal for protecting your new mattress.
  • FUTONS:  The professionals at Mattress Direct can demonstrate a full line of Serta Futons. These space-saving pieces include comfortable mattresses that serve as stylish seating during the day, and easily convert to beds when needed. You can select from covers in a range of materials and colors, as well as a variety of stylish frames that are easy to open and close.
  • FURNITURE:  When you shop for a new mattress, you can choose an entire bed, as well as other furniture. Professionals can show you choices such as sleigh, canopy, wicker wood, and metal beds. They also carry nightstands, and beanbag chairs.

Bedding professionals can easily help you find quality, affordable bedding. They offer a full line of comfort mattresses, frames, Futons, furniture, and more. Browse the website  to read more.

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