Get Fashion Forward With A Lace Pearl Bracelet

Pearls are one of the timeless and traditional options for all types of jewelry items. They are very popular for earrings, pendants, necklaces and of course for bracelets. However, for many women, they are a bit too formal for everyday wear. If you find this is your concern with pearls you need to consider a lace pearl bracelet.

The Design

A lace pearl bracelet combines the elegance and beauty of lustrous pearls with the fashion forward look of a hand woven bracelet style. Each individual pearl is wrapped and knotted into the bracelet to give a fun look that is stylish and very modern.

The unique aspects of the tied bracelet combined with the beautiful glow of the pearls is a true study in contrasts. With the darker bracelet strands highlighting the coloration of the pearls it is a great option for wearing with any color.

The two ends of the cording used to create the delicately woven bracelet are accented with individual pearls. These pearls will dangle down from the bracelet just enough to add that little extra touch of style.

Fun and Style in a Lace Pearl Bracelet

These bracelets are style for casual wear, work wear or for a relaxed evening out. They are perfect for beach wear or for slipping on to go to lunch or coffee. They can be easily adjusted to comfortable fit around your wrist, a real plus if you are buying these types of bracelets for a gift.

The proper fit for a lace pearl bracelet should be loose enough to move on the arm but not so loose as to slip over the hand. With the ability to adjust the actual size of the bracelet you can wear it slightly tighter or allow it to drape more down the hand. With this style both options look wonderful.

A lace pearl bracelet is the perfect daywear option if you like the classic look of pearls but want a modern looking bracelet. You will love these lightweight, comfortable bracelets that are feminine yet perfect for active wear.

A lace pearl bracelet is a very modern way to enjoy the classic beauty of pearls. To view our bracelets visit the website.

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