Things You Should Know about and Expect From a Trade Show Booth Rental

So you’ve decided to use a trade show booth rental. That’s a good decision, both financially and practically. There are, however, certain things you should know and expect when renting a trade show booth. Here are three such things.


You will still need to provide your own graphics for the booth. Rentals provide the basic structure and aesthetics for the trade show floor, but the branding will be your responsibility. When you are working out the budget, add the cost of graphics to the cost of the rental.

Assembly Directions

If it is at all possible for you, try to receive some hands-on training from the exhibit company about how to set up the trade show booth rental. Even if the exhibit hall requires you to use union labor for set up, you need to know so you can provide proper instructions to those individuals. There is nothing quite as stressful as arriving at the booth space, receiving the shipment of the booth and having no idea what to do with all the parts. If you are unable to get hands-on training beforehand, make sure the company from which you rent the booth provides detailed assembly directions to go along with the booth rental.

Packing Instructions/Return Policy

The show is over, your feet hurt and you’re ready to go home. Problem: you need to supervise the tear down of the booth. In addition to assembly instructions, a good trade show booth rental company will also provide packing instructions, as well as directions on how and where to have the shipment sent back. Booths can be easily damaged if they are not properly packed for shipping. To make sure you are not held responsible for any damages, watch how any helpers put the parts back into the shipping containers.

As you pack everything up, make sure all the pieces you rented go back and all the pieces you purchased, such as graphics and brochures, go home with you. It would be a good idea to have or create an inventory checklist at the beginning of the show to ensure you remember where everything goes at the end of the show.

You should also know for certain who will be responsible for the logistics of the return shipment. Having the trade show booth rental packed up snugly will do you no good if a logistics company never shows up to retrieve it.

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