Top Signs you Need Water Main Replacement

The proper functioning of sewerage lines, drains and water mains are essential for your household comfort and convenience. A tell tale sign you may need repairs or water main replacement is an unnaturally high utility bill. If your water bills have drastically shot up over a short period and you can find no rationality for the bills being so high, you may have to call a plumber to check sewerage lines and water mains. If there is a leak in the supply pipes or sewerage lines, some signs can lead you to the location of the seepage:

  • A noticeable damp patch in the driveway or garden even when the weather is dry

  • Grass seems to grow greener in some isolated patches than in others

  • Your water pressure drops radically

The exact location of a leak can now be determined by the use of camera technology that can be inserted into the lines to locate leaks, clogs, intrusions, bends etc.

Another obvious indication you need large scale repairs or water main replacement is if all the drain pipes are frequently blocked, including those in the bathtub, toilet, bathroom sink and kitchen sink etc. When water starts seeping in from the outside through the wall, you had better call in the professionals immediately.

A licensed, insured and bonded plumbing contractor will have the experience to determine if your pipes need repairs or full scale water main replacement. Plumbing contractors can use a number of high tech equipment to rectify any problem in your water mains, pipes or sewer lines. Hydro jetting is a technique which uses water at high pressure (4000 PSI) to clean out pipes of dead and rotting leaves, residues from detergents, debris and tree root intrusions that can clog up sewer lines for long lengths. Traditional methods like snaking do not help in such situations as the accumulated debris is only punctured by the snake and the same clog will re-emerge in a few months’ time. Hydro jetting is a fast and cost effective method of restoring pipes, sewers and water lines to a brand new condition.

Trenchless technology is a modern method of water main replacement that creates minimum disruption to your home flooring, garden, driveway and grounds. This technique does not require the plumbing contractor to excavate the pipe and dig up your property to locate a leak for water main replacement. Falls Church, VA home owners can ask for modern cost-saving technology from their plumbing professionals.

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Water main replacement Falls

Water main replacement Falls

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