The Path to Sparkling Teeth

Most of us make sure to brush regularly so that our teeth remain nice and free of plaque and germs. Keeping them clear and white is often seen as a simple matter of practicing good oral hygiene. While this is true to an extent, brushing is not the ultimate teeth whitening practice. It helps out considerably, but there is one factor that many of us fail to consider: age. As we grow older, the color of our teeth naturally darkens, and this is unavoidable in most cases. Because of this, dentists teeth whitening procedures in addition to the more standard forms of dental care. People living in places like Modesto have a few options when it comes to teeth whitening.

When our baby teeth fall out, the adult teeth that grow in their place are permanent. Naturally, these teeth have time to undergo greater changes than deciduous teeth do. With time, the mineral structure of the teeth will change, and the enamel will grow less porous. As this happens, their color becomes noticeably darker. This can also be caused by poor brushing and health habits, as the teeth can also be stained by food and various chemicals. Teeth whitening is a branch of cosmetic dentistry that uses various methods to return the teeth to a more visually pleasing state of whiteness.

One way to whiten the teeth is bleaching. While other methods can be used to restore the teeth to their natural color, bleaching is thought to make the teeth even whiter than they would naturally be. The most effective form of bleach-based whitening is high-concentration bleaching, which utilizes carbamide peroxide; this is a chemical that can be procured either at the dentist’s office or at your local dental store. Dentists are able to perform the procedure for you by applying the oxidizing agent to your teeth in order to increase their whiteness, but doing it yourself is considered a much more affordable option.

Low-concentration bleaching is another teeth whitening technique, but it is considered much less efficient than the latter method. Unlike high-concentration bleaching, few dentists specialize in performing this type of procedure, so it is almost always an at-home job. With this whitening method, a mouthguard that contains an oxidizing agent is applied for a few hours per day over a period of up to two weeks. Low-concentration bleaching yields varied results from person to person, with some noting no significant changes at all.

Dentists in and around Modesto (and just about any other part of the country) are almost guaranteed to have the necessary tools to help you undergo whatever teeth whitening method you prefer. If bleaching is not a desirable option, there are several other methods and over-the-counter products that can be used to enhance the whiteness of your teeth. Consult with your dentist and see what works best.

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