What Services Are Available Through A Dentist Near Gurnee?

In Gurnee, dental patients identify services they need the most to prevent gum disease and tooth loss. These services enable them to acquire professional advice about damage and conditions that cause discomfort or aesthetic hindrances. The following are the services available through a dentist near Gurnee.

Standard Cleaning and Assessments

Standard cleanings are performed at least twice a year to eliminate debris and plaque that accumulate on the teeth and gums. Patients that have special cleaning needs undergo scaling and planing. These cleaning procedures eliminate damaged gum tissue.

Assessments and exams are performed once a year or at any time that adverse conditions emerge. These conditions could arise suddenly and cause discomfort. The exams help the dentist near Gurnee to identify these conditions quickly and allow them to choose the best treatment options.

Cosmetic Dental Treatments

Cosmetic dental treatments address aesthetic issues. Regardless of how well patients manage their oral care, they can develop conditions such as discoloration or alignment issues. A cosmetic dentist can perform treatments such as teeth whitening to address these concerns. They can also apply veneers if the patient has more severe discoloration. These devices are also used to correct slight alignment issues.

Restoring the Patient’s Smile

When damage occurs, the dentist near Gurnee performs repairs. They can use dental bonding or composite resin to reconstruct severely damaged teeth. These procedures can restore the tooth to its original state before the damage occurred. These services restore the ability to chew and speak properly as well.

Extracting Wisdom Teeth

The extraction of wisdom teeth is often a surgical procedure. The dentist provides sedation for the patient and cuts the tooth from the gums. They may also use specialized tools to prevent damaging surrounding teeth. They provide antibiotics and painkillers following the procedure.

In Gurnee, dental patients acquire a variety of services from their local dental professionals. These services address a multitude of conditions including plaque buildup, discoloration, and damage. They can also remedy any cosmetic concerns such as alignment issues or misshapen teeth. Patients who need to acquire services from a dentist near Gurnee can contact us and schedule an appointment today.

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Author: Myrtice Lovett

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