3 Reasons Why a Phoenix Criminal Attorney Should Review All the Details

If you’ve never worked with a Phoenix criminal attorney with a winning record before, you might be taken aback by some of their practices. One undertaking that tends to raise questions from first-timers in the criminal court arena is the desire on the part of a good attorney to review everything in a case before proceeding with building a defense. While a whole, separate investigation over and above what police have provided might seem like overkill, it’s that attention to detail that might get your claim of innocence proven even before your case goes to trial.

Not sure it’s worth paying for a Phoenix criminal attorney to run through a whole new investigation? Here are three reasons why you wouldn’t want to work with a lawyer who doesn’t take this approach:

The Fresh Set of Eyes

Police officers are just doing their jobs. In most cases, these men and women have a great deal of integrity and they’re trying to do their best to put bad guys behind bars. They are, however, human. If they’ve overlooked a critical piece of evidence that might clear you and implicate someone else, that doesn’t mean they intended to. If your lawyer conducts and in-house investigation, he or she might be able to close the case before it even goes to trial.

The Deeper Understanding

In order to provide you with the best possible defense, your Phoenix criminal attorney needs to have a complete handle of the case at hand. That means understanding everything the police have uncovered and the full gravity of the evidence against you. By conducting a separate investigation, your lawyer can get your side and their side and see all possible angles to help you come up with the most reasonable, feasible defense in your case.

Checking for Errors

Again, law enforcement officers, just like you, are human. That means they can and do make mistakes. If they’ve made one in the handling of your case, the evidence or the actual arrest, that could be a technicality that gets your charges dropped. An experienced Phoenix criminal attorney will look at all of this as he or she works on our defense.

It might seem odd to have your lawyer sift through evidence and conduct a complete investigation, but this extra leg work can provide you with the defense you need to put the charges behind you.

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