Arrested on a DWI? Call a Criminal Defense Attorney in Martinsburg WV

Most of time it’s quite easy for the average citizen to stay on the right side of the law. People don’t go out on their lunch hour and decide to rob a bank or beat someone up on the spur of the moment. However drunk driving is one of those serious crimes that can sneak up on someone. A person meets a group of friends to watch the big game at a bar. The beer pitcher goes an around a few times and then the game is over. Everyone has one for the road and they leave. Life is good until the driver is pulled over and charged with a DWI offense. They need to tell the arresting officer that they want to Criminal Defense Attorney in Martinsburg WV immediately.

The biggest mistake a person in this situation can make is not taking the situation seriously. They think they’ve never been in trouble before and no one was hurt. They’ll tell the truth and it will be over. District Attorneys on Long Island do take drunk driving very seriously. DWI is also a very complicated crime. A person can be charged with five separate offenses. These range from a traffic infraction to a major felony. Often a Criminal Defense Attorney in Martinsburg WV can get the charges reduced. If the defendant is eventually found guilty, this reduces the possibility of jail time and the amount of the fine, and it can keep down future insurance costs.

Sherman Law Firm, a Criminal Defense Attorney in Martinsburg WV, is available at any hour to help a person who has been arrested. The sooner that he arrives at the police station, the better he can protect a person’s rights. In addition to being an attorney, he is a retired NYPD supervisor. Therefore he knows the inner workings of the police. He is able to use this knowledge to his client’s advantage. If the client refused a breath or blood alcohol test, he knows that he can request a DMV hearing to mitigate that action. He can also use that hearing to question the arresting officer and learn more about the pending DWI charges.

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Author: Myrtice Lovett

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