Collier County, FL Criminal Defense Attorneys Need Unique Skills

Most people would agree that a good criminal defense lawyer is a lawyer who can win at trial. However, winning at trial is not something that happens automatically or by accident. A good criminal defense attorney can negotiate, investigate, and offer up a technical legal defense.

A good criminal defense lawyer in Collier County, FL can investigate, which means they can gather information quickly. From the moment a criminal defense attorney takes a case, they are playing catch-up. It’s likely that law enforcement has investigated the case for many months. The DA has a wealth of information, likely starting in the preparation process. The judge has already seen the accusatory instrument. The criminal defense attorney is coming late to the party.

Investigating means asking questions. For example, is there information missing including text messages, messages on social media, video and photographic evidence, or eyewitnesses who can contradict what the DA is saying? Their goal is to find out what really happened and to prove it.

The ability to negotiate means being able to identify the weaknesses in the prosecutor’s case, and then using those to either get a client’s charges dropped or to negotiate a better sentence. A criminal defense attorney might challenge the way the police acted, or point out inconsistencies in the police report. A criminal defense lawyer in Collier County, FL understands that things are negotiable.

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Author: Myrtice Lovett

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