Beautiful Teeth Whitening Procedures From Weatherford TX Dentists

We all love a beautiful, bright smile and for some of us this type of smile is possible with over the counter products like polishing tooth pastes and sparkling mouth washes. In fact, one estimate reports that the American public spends over one billion dollars annually on these products. Whether the expense is worth it is still a matter of public debate and often dependent on the person using the product.

Perhaps a larger concern is how white is too white? No matter how much Teeth Whitening Weatherford TX one has, everyone’s original teeth will darken with age. Often this will be a brownish yellow or slight green but we will all lose that extra sparkle as the enamel ages. The deeper coloring is actually the underlying dentin going through it’s natural progression. The rest of the coloring on your teeth are a collection of stains from products such as wine, tea, coffee or tobacco along with a variety of food items. General brushing may remove the food particles but without special whitening agents, the stains will stay.

Teeth Whitening Weatherford TX is normally done with peroxide and not the type of bleaching products we use on our laundry. In certain percentages, peroxide is acceptable for limited internal use such as cleaning cuts and bleaching teeth. The over the counter variety of peroxide based whiteners typically use a lower percentage of carbamide peroxide solution while the in-office dental varieties tend to use hydrogen peroxide or a stronger carbamide peroxide. During use, the carbamide peroxide breaks down inside the mouth and forms hydrogen peroxide.

We all understand the benefits of Teeth Whitening Weatherford TX such as a wonderful, white smile, but there are some consideration everyone should think about. For some people, there is a small risk of ‘bleachorexia’ which is defined as an unhealthy obsession with teeth whitening. Some people may have a reaction to the peroxide used. This could be allergic (very rare) or a slight chemical burn on the gum where the bleaching agent may have touched it. Whitening does not affect fillings or other dental restorative products such as porcelain or ceramics, however it might affect restorations done with some composite materials. This could result in a slightly off colored smile. If you are concerned about these please discuss them with your dentist.

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