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We are reminded each year of many significant dates on our calendar: New Years, Fourth of July, Thanksgiving, and Christmas. Many of us, if possible, will celebrate these and some of the other holidays with family. Now, that is boring to some and annoying to others. However, we take for granted the ability to gather with loved ones and eat, laugh, and enjoy the sake of the day.

So, today, consider this: thousands of kids -all ages- elementary through high school that do not have a family. They have been put into the foster care system for one reason or another, and really does it matter what the reason. You see, this is universal, kids are kids. They want love. They want to feel safe in the love of a family. Now, you see where we’re headed….

Child Adoption Austin wants to change the lives of kids all over the Austin area. It can begin with you. It is a commitment. It is a decision. The Child Adoption Austin area wants to help you explore what adoption could look like for you.

There are many false precepts about adoption:

  • The Cost
  • What About The Possibility Of Having A Chemically Dependent Child
  • How To Integrate Them Into Your Already Existent Life
  • What If The Child Resists

As you are well aware, that list could go on and on. Have you ever had something in your life you knew was worth the effort but talked yourself right out of it? We are great at it, indeed. Whether it be starting an exercise routine, eating healthier, obtaining education we’ve always wanted….anything that requires us to change, we avoid.

Whereas change is sometimes exactly what we need to grow as an individual. That doesn’t disregard the pain and work needed for success. Well, that last statement pretty much encompasses the concepts of parenting. There will be both highs and lows; it will drain you emotionally and physically. You can sustain it. When someone decides to give them self to others, it is a choice rarely they will come to regret. Ask anyone who has done it, and then, see for yourself.

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