Reasons to Hire a Military Adoption Attorney in Killeen, TX

If you have formed a lasting, and loving, relationship with your stepchild, and are in the military, then you will need a Military Adoption Attorney in Killeen, TX to help you take the next logical step in adopting your stepchild.
There are many reasons that you will want to take that step, and the right Military Adoption Attorney in Killeen TX can help you through all of the military red tape to get the child you love your last name, and make sure that he is taken care of by the military as well. Read on for some reasons that you will want to check into adoption of your stepchild right away.

Adopting your stepchild, if the custodial parent is no longer in the picture, can be a new beginning for your child and your family. One reason that you will want to start the process as soon as possible is that adoption makes the child feel more like a part of the family. Everyone has your last name, including your other children, but this child doesn’t, it can make a child feel different and at times unwanted. Sharing the same last name can make things easier for your child in school and other places as well.

Once you have adopted your child, you will be able to sign any legal documents pertaining to that child and he will also have inheritance rights should anything happen to you. Being in the military is a dangerous job, and every solider knows that it is best to be prepared. If for some reason in the future you and your spouse divorce, your child will be able to keep his benefits through TRICARE, even after the divorce is final. With adoption the child is legally yours for life. Which means that you will get visitation and custodial rights even if you divorce the birth mother, and still want to see your child.

Adopting a stepchild benefits you as well as the child, and it can only make the family unit stronger, and everyone love each other even more. See your attorney today and take that next logical step in the right direction.

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