How does auto salvage work?

Auto salvage is when usable parts are stripped off of vehicles that no longer are in operable condition, what is left is then disposed of in a safe manner, usually recycling. This salvage operation takes place anywhere you find junk cars in Chicago IL. These establishments are more accurately defined as auto recycling yards as they do two important things; prevent the waste of components that can be reused and promote environmental responsibility by disposing of the unusable components through recycling.

The manufacturing of vehicles is one of the largest industries in the world, this being the case it should come as no surprise that the industry also generates the most waste. With the world’s landfill sites rapidly filling up, this waste puts a terrible strain on limited resources. When you get rid of junk cars for cash in chicago IL at a salvage yard, this industry helps reduce the environmental strain by stripping the usable parts and reselling them for use. Even though the vehicle is classified as junk, there are a higher percentage of reusable components in a junk car than any other complex, mass produced item, more than 75% can be salvaged.

Automobile salvage yards that are environmentally sensitive generally put a vehicle through three stages. Pre-treatment is the first stage, this is when the vehicle is prepared for complete disassembly. All the fluids in the vehicle; anti-freeze, oil and fuel are drained to prevent them from leaking and entering the groundwater. The batteries are removed as are the tires and the fuel tank.

Once the car has stripped of these components they are sent to various recycling facilities. One of the primary uses for the old tires is for ground rubber which is an important component of modern road surfaces.
What is left of the car is then evaluated, those parts which can be stripped and resold are. The auto salvage yards are important suppliers of engines, transmissions, and alternators etc which are the raw material of companies that rebuild these to their original condition. Salvage yards today are not the junk yards of yesterday, they strip the components, bar code them and enter them into a data base so that all inventory is instantly accessible.

Once the saleable components are stripped and inventoried, what is left is crushed and sent for recycling in a steel mill, the little bit that is left heads for the land fill.
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