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There are many reasons to consider tinting the windows on your vehicle. While tinted windows looks great, that is just one minor facet of the benefits tinting provides. Tinted windows give occupants more privacy, it can help prevent shattering of the glass if an accident occurs and it prevents the interior from fading due to exposure to sunlight.

Tinted windows make the glare from the sun less harsh, helping drivers to better be able to see the roadway as well as remain cooler. Additionally, the interior of the vehicle becomes more difficult to see from the outside, so any items left inside are better hidden from thieves.

If all of these reasons have finally convinced you, make an appointment with Tint Master in Connecticut. They offer professional glass tinting in Connecticut for residential and commercial customers. They have been providing top-quality tinting products and service to their clients for over 30 years, and all of their services come with a quality guarantee and all products have a lifetime warranty.

Vehicles are not the only things you can tint, as Tint Master also offers window tinting for homes and businesses. This type of tinting can help to reduce energy costs and keep interiors more comfortable on warm summer days. Just as with automotive tinting, this tinting film will block UV rays and prevent fading of upholstery and carpeting and protect skin from the damaging effects of the sun.

Tint Master also applies ClearShield paint protection to prevent exterior vehicle paint from the damage road debris, salt and sand can cause. ClearShield is a nearly invisible film coating which will provide a protective layer across the entire exterior surface.

If you are ready to make yourself more comfortable and safe while protecting the interior of your car at the same time, stop by Tint Master. You will be able to see the products they offer and view before and after pictures. They can give you a free estimate for any work you would like to have completed. Learn what all of their previous customers already know; they offer the best glass tinting in Connecticut.

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