Laying Out the Total Design for Custom Kitchen Cabinets in San Antonio

by | Jan 23, 2014 | Construction and Maintenance

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We all notice the fact that at family gatherings and general intermingling, people gather towards the kitchen. it could be the food on display or just the centralized location, but kitchens are seen as having a sense of togetherness and heart that other areas of the home do not capture with such immediacy. So why do so many families ignore the design and aesthetic of their kitchen? There is so much to do, and so many design choices and tones that could really accentuate a space in wonderful ways. But many people forgo kitchen renovations, and prefer to work on their bedroom, bathroom, or dining room. This is, of course, the same bedroom that no one ever sees, the same bathroom that is designed for a practical use, and the same dining room that is only ventured into on Thanksgiving.

The kitchen is the place to be, and it is exactly what should be prioritized in a home interior renovation. Furthermore, there are so many options and strategies to go for. Many begin with the custom kitchen cabinets in San Antonio. The cabinets are sort of the face of the kitchen, and new cabinets are as effective as a great facelift.

Most custom kitchen cabinets in San Antonio are designated into one of three core categories.


  • Base: The cabinets on the floor that act as support for the countertops


  • Wall: The wall mount cabinets, generally located above the stove or countertop space
  • Tall: These span above or below the countertop and are often free-standing. This is a common type for a pantry.

Custom kitchen designers tend to mix all these three main types for a unique overlay. Holding onto one type too heavily will make the kitchen space look rigid, whereas mixing them awkwardly and haphazardly will give the space this very esoteric feel that is not all that welcoming. Custom designers will help recommend and nudge individuals in a certain direction that makes sense to the design of the home and the overall decor. Some kitchens are too small to accompany tall cabinets at all, for example.

Custom kitchen cabinets remain the arbiter of radiance and improvement in a kitchen, and any other kitchen renovation ultimately revolves around the design choice of the cabinets. Browse the website to read more.

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