5 Things you Didn’t Know about Laparoscopic Surgery

If you’re considering having laparoscopic surgery in Reading, PA, then you might not be aware of all the facts. Even if your healthcare provider has filled you in on the basics, here are some things you didn’t know about laparoscopic surgery.

#1. Recovery times are minimal

Because such a small incision is made for the laparoscopic camera, recovery times can be as quick as 12 hours! Obviously, the healthier you are, the quicker your recovery time, and some more elderly patients may need more time to rest and recuperate.

#2. Surgery leaves tiny or no scars

Laparoscopic surgery in Reading, PA is popular because it leaves tiny scars initially, which heal and fade, leaving no post-surgical scars in most cases. This is an extremely popular choice of surgery for hernia operations, where scarring could be left on the abdomen using other procedures.

#3. The cost can be covered by your insurance

Most surgical specialists will ask for proof of your health insurance – be aware that any additional costs for surgery will need to be paid by you, so always ensure you’re aware of these before deciding to go ahead with surgery

#4. Post-surgical pain is practically non-existent

Most patients report less pain after laparoscopic surgery in Reading, PA, than with other types of surgical procedure. Some patients report no pain at all, with a short healing time – they’re able to return to work as soon as 12-24 hours after the surgery!

#5. You can benefit from treatment for a range of illnesses or injuries

Laparoscopic surgery in Reading, PA can be used to diagnose and treat a range of illnesses or injuries, from hernia surgery to gastroenterological conditions or issues with the female reproductive system. It’s a versatile procedure which has increased in popularity due to the quick recovery times and minimal pain involved.

Hopefully these five things have made you feel more confident about your upcoming laparoscopic surgery – most patients find that they make a full recovery quickly, and wouldn’t hesitate to recommend laparoscopic surgery to friends and family. Your healthcare specialist will be able to tell you if laparoscopy is appropriate to diagnose and treat your condition – if not, there are a whole host of other types of surgery which may be more suitable.

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