Behavioral Health EHR from AZZLY that Transforms the Healthcare System

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Behavioral health matters a lot in all our lives. However, issues such as addiction affect how we behave and our mental health. AZZLY uses Electronic Health Record (EHR) system to maintain patient records that manage behavioral health in their platforms. The company created behavioral healthcare and addiction software through its system using modern technology.

What AZZLY Behavioral Health EHR Covers

The main features of the behavioral healthcare structure are EHR, management of withdrawal, online prescriptions, and progress notes. In addition to this, it also covers e-check-in, PDMP, EPCS, measurement tools, communication tools for patients, and claims submission. Other services it offers include scheduling and electronic billing. Simple services thrive through automation, and they are ascendable and customized.

Expert clinicians came up with the AZZLY RCM and EHR software for ease of operations in their profession. The company’s newest system is called AZZLY Rize. It assists various treatment centers in creating an innovative platform that transforms patients’ therapy and care. Their treatment centers have an intuitive system that is simple to use and advanced. There will be a definite improvement in the results of your patients and the encouragement of your staff.

AZZLY serves all types of organizations. Moreover, their services incorporate both RCM and EHR systems. They accelerate the billing of patients, their intake, management of treatment, and outreach. Additionally, they also facilitate sessions for telemedicine and telehealth. Therefore, their system also assists in connecting clients and staff.

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