Cement Manufacturing: Getting the Perfect Mix Every Time

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If you work in a business that handles cement, you want to make sure that you give your customers the best service every single time. This is harder than it sounds because in order to mix cement, you need to have the right blend of ingredients. One way to ensure this would be to purchase some industrial scales. Industrial scales contain a single tension load cell, which is then connected to the scale using a grounding wire. This provides the user with an unbeatable level of accuracy, and it also allows the user to discard any unwanted force gathered when the product is placed on the scale. Industrial scales allow you to effectively measure the right mix every time, and it can also help you to cut down on wastage as well. You don’t need to worry about using more than you need too, and you certainly don’t need to worry about your customer satisfaction.  Cement usually contains four minerals, C2S, C3S, C3A, and C4AF. The remaining mix is made up from other chemicals including calcium sulfate, CaO and Mgo. When these products are blended together, it keeps the cement in a dry state. Measuring these ingredients accurately every time is the key to making great cement, so industrial weighing scales are essential if you want to keep your customers happy.

Why Industrial Weighing Scales are The Better Option

Industrial weighing scales are the better option when it comes to cement weighing because it allows you to effectively weigh the ingredients to the exact measurement. The tension is weighed through a digital display, and this is far more accurate when compared to other types of weighing apparatus. Industrial scales can be a great way to cut down on wastage, and you never need to worry about them becoming damaged over time. They are built to withstand high levels of pressure, meaning that you can weigh just about anything up to 3000kg without any trouble at all.

The Importance of Tension Load Cells

Tension load cells are very important if you’re weighing out a mixture of chemicals and ingredients. They disregard the extra force applied during the initial weighing, to give you a fully accurate reading every time. Many scales can give off false readings because of the tension applied when the product is placed onto the scale. With a tension load cell, you can eliminate this while still reaping the benefits of your industrial scales.

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