Commonly Asked Questions About A Root Canal In Dubuque

If you have a painful tooth that is seriously decayed or damaged, your dentist may recommend a Root Canal in Dubuque. This procedure is performed when you have an infection in the nerve of your tooth. Once the dentist performs this procedure, your pain will be gone and your tooth will be saved. Below are some common questions you may have about getting a root canal.

Q.) How does a dentist perform a root canal procedure?

A.) Your dentist will first take x-rays to determine the severity of the damage and if there’s an infection present in the tooth. After the dentist numbs your mouth, he’ll drill a hole in your tooth. He then uses special instruments to scrape the decayed material and debris from the inside of your tooth. After the dentist removes and flushes out the debris, he’ll place a sealant into the hole. The last step is to place a permanent filling on the outside of the tooth for further protection.

Q.) What causes an infection in the nerve of a tooth?

A.) A nerve can become infected for several reasons including severe decay, a chip or crack in the tooth or a blow to the face that damages the tooth.

Q.) After the procedure is finished, will I have to take special care of my tooth?

A.) Your dentist will tell you if there’s anything you should or should not do right after your root canal. You may want to take an over the counter pain reliever for a couple of days afterwards if you have any pain. You can probably resume your normal routine the next day after your Root Canal in Dubuque and you can continue brushing and flossing your teeth as usual.

Q.) What are the signs that I may need a Root Canal in Dubuque?

A.) In addition to severe pain in your tooth, you may have swollen gums, sensitivity to hot or cold foods or a discoloration of the infected tooth. If your tooth has an abscess, you may also feel a small bump filled with pus on your gums.

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