Factors Affecting the Cost of IVF Treatment

by | May 8, 2014 | Health

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Many people normally worry about the price of getting an IVF treatment because it’s very expensive to successfully complete. But even though prices vary from clinic to clinic and from one country to the other, there are certain factors that determine the total amount of money you might end up spending. It does not matter whether you do your In Vitro in San Antonio or in any other place, but these factors will determine the final cost. Below are some of the factors.


Your age and the number of years that you have been infertile will determine the nature of treatment and the number of cycles you will have to undergo before conceiving. IVF treatments are charged per cycle hence the fewer the cycle the lower the cost. Persons below 35 years old have a chance of between 0.5 and 0.6 and may end up getting pregnant with one or two cycles. But person over 40 years old have reduced chances even if you were to go for the best In Vitro in San Antonio, TX.

Location of residence

The place where you leave will affect the cost of IVF treatment in the sense that IVF treatment costs varies with regions. For instance, treatment in the United States is slightly expensive compared to other places like Mexico or Asia. The costs can also vary between states. For instance, In Vitro in San Antonio, TX, may be different as compared to other states like Indianapolis or Tennessee within the United States.

Variations in Treatment

In some instances, you might find certain variation as you go along with the treatment. For instance, you may have a positive response to some drugs while you might also respond negatively to other drugs. Though this rarely happens, it’s likely to affect the overall cost of your treatment irrelevant of the clinic, even if you are doing your In Vitro. Different drugs cost different amounts of money hence a change in the use of a particular drug will affect the overall cost.

Payment options and refund policy

Just like other clinics, if you decide to go for your In Vitro, there will be various methods of payment and refund policies. Most clinics spread their payments over a period of time which is relatively convenient as opposed to paying for the treatments in bulk. Most of the clinics will also offer a percentage of the total money you paid in case of an unsuccessful treatment. All this payment plans and refund policy can affect the total cost of the treatment. Visiting a resource like Fertility-texas.com can give you more insights regarding treatment of IVF.



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