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by | Oct 19, 2018 | Accountants

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Accounting is pretty straightforward; there are only 10 numbers but when you take those numbers and put them with laws, taxes, employees, payroll, clients and deadlines, things are not easy. If you work in a specific industry, your accounting needs will be different than someone who works in another industry. The good news is accounting firms in Edmonton can help you, no matter what industry you’re in.

Accounting Needs for Restaurants

If your passion is in providing excellent food and service, you want to focus on becoming a top-rated restaurant. The accounting needs for a restaurant can be daunting, but manageable, with the use of the right accounting firms in Edmonton area. With proper bookkeeping, setting up expenses for goods like tomatoes and wine, as well as for kitchen supplies like tablecloths and cutlery, payroll for waiters, hostesses, busboys, bartenders, cooks and dishwashers, managing receipts with cash and daily credit card batching can be a breeze. Restaurant worker turnover can be high and with that, is the constant turnover in payroll. Utilizing an accounting firm can help you stay on top of the reporting and abreast of all the changes in payroll laws. Staying on top of sales tax in a retail establishment is important because missing a tax deadline can be costly.

Accounting Needs for Retail Establishments

Opening your own barber or beauty salon or high-end clothing boutique can be rewarding. You are the face of that business and you put your all into it. That leaves basically no item for fulfilling the necessary bookkeeping and accounting needs of that business. Accounting firms in Edmonton can help set up an invoicing or sales transaction system to track how you are doing, as well as reporting expenses in their proper category to make tax filing easy. Knowing the federal and provincial tax codes that apply to your business requires an expert. Experts in payroll and taxes can give you peace of mind and focus on your customers.

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