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by | Nov 10, 2011 | Education

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Before you go and enroll yourself for an online degree program, you should find out whether the degree the college offers, is accredited. An accredited online degree is a degree which is offered by a college or a university that is approved by a national, or a state board of education.


Accredited online degree programs whether a bachelor’s degree or a master’s degree or any MBA programs are highly beneficial to working professionals. These people want to enhance their knowledge and career prospects, but cannot afford to leave their jobs. This is where accredited online degrees come to their rescue. Some of these accredited online degrees even offer credits for doing work in related field. These credits are based on work experience.


But before you go for an accredited online degree program, you need to have a clear idea about which degree program you are planning to take. You should always go for that particular online degree program which interests you. After you have decided on the subject, it is time to find out the right school!


How does a college get accreditation? To get accreditation, a college or a university needs to submit its subjects and course curriculum to the board of education. The board of education goes through its courses and decides, whether it is worth approving or not.

You would find that there are many different types of online degree programs being offered on the Internet. These programs include degrees in various different fields. These are accounting, law, business management and healthcare and many more.

You would find that there are many well-known schools that offer accredited online degree programs. The examples are Concord Law School, Pierce University and Phoenix University. These accredited online degree programs are generally off-site programs. By ‘off-site’ programs it means that the students, who are pursuing such degree programs, can access everything they will need, via the Internet. And therefore they can earn a degree from the comfort of their own home.

These online degree programs come with downloadable lessons, which can be easily accessed. Only those which are accredited can assure you that the curriculum that is followed is at par with the curriculum followed in the regular courses. These also provide you with virtual meetings and classes, with various famous lecturers. But these lectures can be useful to you, only when you are sure about having an accredited online degree.

Degree programs

Degree programs

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