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by | Apr 28, 2014 | Shopping

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When your child or friend graduates, it deserves recognition. This is true whether they have just finished off high school, college, university or technical school. If you cannot make it to the party or the actual graduation ceremony, consider the advantage of sending free graduation ecards. It allows you to show appreciation for all the hard work they have done to make it through.

Basic Types of Graduation Ecards

When it comes to selection, the internet is replete with a variety of graduation cards that will appeal to every type of individual. Go online and make a conscious decision to select among the following basic types:

* Postcard: The first ecard was a postcard. It was a simple card with an image and allowing you to include a message. It did not open or consist of great depth. It had the potential to do so much as it evolved into the ecard

* Ecard: This is what many people think of as the norm. While many consider to send postcards, the ecard is very popular. It allows you to add all the bells and whistles the internet is capable of if the ecard site permits you to do so

These are the two basic types of ecards. The creation and transmission of the postcard or free graduation ecards can be done through your computer, laptop, and, more recently, other electronic devices.

What to Choose

Beyond the actual type of card, you need to select one that gives you a chance to suit the graduate. Fortunately, the internet allows you to pick one that may be an exact match. When you go to most internet sites, the exceptions being strictly religious or specific types, you are greeted with an array of possibilities. You see before you free graduation ecards that are:

* Straight or Direct: They say something simple e.g. Congratulations Graduate and show a severe or happy looking individual

* Animated: The figures move, maybe talk and liven up whatever message you provide

* Musical: The cards, characters, figures sing, maybe dance or there is music in the background. You can often personalize the music to suit the graduate e.g. pompous, sedate, rocking, happy, irreverent

In addition to this, you may want to look at the tone. It can be:

* Satirical: This is more about tone than format. It is best sent by someone who knows the graduate

* Funny: Again it is important that your sense of humor and the graduate’s is at least similar

* Sedate: This card covers all bases since it does not say anything but congratulations or express a similar sentiment

* Sentimental: This is usually reserved for close relatives such as parents and grandparents

When someone graduates, it is time to congratulate them. Finding the right free graduation ecards is not difficult. If you know the graduate, send them a card that reflects their nature or personality. If you do not, send a simple postcard type with a straight but heartfelt message.

Graduation Ecards help you tell that special someone how proud you are of their accomplishment. Use the Greeting Bear so they can hear your message loud and clear. Visit our online greeting center at for more details.


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