How Can I Use My GPS For Tracking Motor Vehicles?

by | Dec 19, 2013 | Business

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Not so long ago, the “prepared” driver had a stock of maps in his car that covered every place he was likely to want to drive to and, even then, he often resorted to winding down the window at a stop light and asking passing pedestrians for directions. I am glad that I am not in the printed map selling business because those days are now gone.

It seems that virtually every new car these days comes complete with a small device called a GPS (should your car not have one, don’t worry; you can buy them quite cheaply in any electronics store; or, your smart phone probably has one somewhere inside it). For GPS to replace maps; a system of space satellites beam out location signals which are picked up by any GPS device operating on the ground. The GPS triangulates these signals to obtain the latitude and longitude of its current position; it then converts the data (given in degrees & minutes of arc) into a mark on the correct computer generated map which is shown on the GPS screen – “bingo” you know where you are and, as the mark continues to move, you know where you are going. If you have “told” the device your final destination, it can also be programmed to offer advice on the best route to take.

But, That Only Tells Me Where The Vehicle Is When I am Actually There Myself

That is why it is called a Global Positioning System and not a tracking system. However, most GPS devices will also record details of the positions that they have passed through. This means that; if for example, your son borrowed your car last night, and you had set up the GPS to be active the whole time and to record that activity; then, when he returns the car, you can find out exactly where he went and how long he was there. All you have to do for vehicle GPS Tracking is to go through the recorded data.

But, That’s Recording – I want Real Time Tracking

With one further step; live, real time information is exactly what you can have and you can, then, use your GPS For Tracking. All that is needed is some sort of transmitter on the in-car GPS that will (wirelessly) relay the positioning data back to a receiving device at your end. Feed the data into your GPS or computer and you will be real time GPS Tracking the remote, moving vehicle.

To use GPS For Tracking the movements of a fleet of vehicles requires more than just a GPS unit. For details on how to track your fleet by GPS, contact Vehicle Tracking Solutions LLC on 631-586-7400; or see their website at for full details.

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