Making The Most Of Your Parenting Time In Dayton, Ohio

When a marriage breaks down and a divorce happens the children of the relationship are literally caught in the middle of two worlds. They cannot live with both Mom and Dad so parents, and attorneys, attempt to come up with a workable division. This is known as parenting time in Dayton, Ohio as well as in many other states and areas of the United States and around the world.

The problem that most parents have with parenting time in Dayton, Ohio is that both parents want to have their children with them on a daily basis. Often disagreements and open hostility erupt when one parent feels that the other parent is trying to make them look bad to take away their time with the children. In still other cases a parent fails to take advantage of their parenting time in Dayton, Ohio and the kids end up feeling isolated, abandoned, unloved and rejected.

Determining a fair balance for parents to spend time with their children is complex. Ideally parents need to work together to come up with an individual plan that works for each of them but, most importantly, satisfies the need of the children to have two involved, loving parents in their life.


One way for parents to creating their own unique schedule for parenting time in Dayton, Ohio is through their attorneys. The attorneys often start with basics such as the time that the shared parenting will be provided for each parent as well as decision making authority when it comes to the child.

The parents may also directly negotiate with each other and develop a schedule for parenting time in Dayton, Ohio that is then presented to their attorneys. The attorneys can review the agreement and make suggestions or clarify the language.


Mediation, where a third party neutral person, a mediator, assists the parents and their attorneys in attempting to resolve a mutually agreeable plan for parenting time in Dayton, Ohio is the next step. In most cases, unless parents are very hostile or unable to find common ground, all shared parenting issues are resolved through this process.

In the event that negotiation and mediation fail to create a mutually agreeable schedule for parenting time in Dayton, Ohio the court will decide. This often involves the testimony of expert witnesses and perhaps even the need for a home study or custody evaluation.

When parents can agree on parenting time in Dayton, Ohio it is beneficial for all involved, most importantly for the children. To learn more go to Url.

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