New Jersey Veterans: Sound Of Heros

The brave men and women who serve the country are truly unique individuals with strong convictions and a die hard attitude. They put themselves on the line every day in order to protect all of the freedoms we enjoy in America. Their bravery and selflessness is a tribute to the true grit nature by which they live their lives. People who put others before themselves and their life on the line for the well being of a nation are a true sign of driven heart that will battle on no matter what the circumstance may be. A soldier is never hopeless; having comrades surrounding them they are never really alone.

New Jersey veterans deserve praise and respect and should never need to look for it. They have given so much it is only right that we give back to them as often as possible. So many vets are in need of assistance and kindness. The war was harder on some soldiers than others, making for a dire need of help and support for those harder hit by the horrors of the war. Many of the soldiers returned to America disabled physically and scarred mentally by the atrocities they endured throughout those ravaging years. Most never asked for assistance, but many did, and all of the brave men and women deserve all of the help we can give them.

New Jersey veterans have a museum dedicated to them as well as memorials to honor and give respect to those who have fallen and those who fought so hard to protect our freedoms. There are several events throughout the year to give praise to those who served in Vietnam, and rightfully so. Volunteers are always needed during these times and are greatly appreciated. Donations are always needed, and all monetary contributions can be written off your taxes. There are educational resources and classes available to teach the legacy of these fallen heroes’ stories, making history of this time of war a need to know part of our culture. The sound of heroes echos throughout the years, and if we listen close, their stories can be heard for miles.

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