Proper Installation a Must to Achieve SEER Rating

by | Nov 4, 2013 | Air Conditioning

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If you took the trouble to check the SEER rating on the yellow EnergyGuide label when shopping for your new Heating and Air Conditioning Knoxville TN home owners need for energy savings than you want to be certain that rating is achieved. The following points must be addressed in order for your unit to achieve its SEER rating:

Proper Air flow of the Unit

Duct layout is what contributes to the proper air flow of your unit. If the air flow is not done properly installed your unit will have trouble making temperature changes. A trained and certified technician will know how to follow an effective duct layout to ensure they are large enough and not try to retrofit anything with inadequate grilles. This mismatch of equipment will cause issues and a good technician will know that each room requires a supply and return register. The components of your inside and outside equipment must be the proper match to work well.

Charge and Refrigerant

A very common issue during the installation of an air conditioning unit is the measure of the refrigerant. Just a few ounces from the correct charge will affect the efficiency of your unit. A trained technician will avoid these issues by ensuring the charge is correct.

Properly Sealed Ducts

Often the duct work that is currently in your home will work fine. However, if the technician does not take the time to inspect the ductwork to ensure they are nice and tight this will affect the performance of your unit. You can actually take a look yourself and seal any leaks with duct tape. Many technicians forget about ductwork in attics and these need to be perfectly sealed as well. Believe it or not leaks in your ducts can affect your air conditioner’s cooling capacity by 35 percent.

Suitable Size

Your Heating and Air Conditioning Knoxville, TN technician should be checking the industry-standard before recommending the unit for your home. This guide will determine the size required for your home so the unit can cool your home effectively.

If you have not hired a certified technician to install your heating and air conditioning Knoxville, TN homes require your SEER rating won’t mean a thing.

Cantrell’s Heat & Air skilled technicians will provide heating & air conditioning services to ensure that systems operates safely & efficiently.

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