Studying Virgin Hair Extensions Reviews

Hair weaves are big business around the world. However, a large amount of the business is centered in the African American community. Industry reports state “women of African descent in the U.S. and U.K. spend close to three billion dollars each year on their hair.” A hair weave is an expensive proposition because one has to buy the hair and pay the stylist. Hair extension prices range from $20 to more than $200 for a 3.5 ounce bundle. Women try to buy the best virgin hair extensions for their weaves.

Virgin hair is natural and unprocessed. That means the hair has not been through any chemical process. Additionally, there is no damage to the hair cuticle. Virgin hair costs a lot more than synthetic hair. Synthetic hair is artificial and costs as little as ten dollars a pack. The hair is made to look shiny with a coating of silicon that wears off after it is washed. Stylists do not recommend washing synthetic hair because it starts to look dry and brittle. Imagine having a hair weave that has not been washed in a couple of weeks. The scalp underneath will be dirty and itchy.

Virgin Hair Extensions Reviews recommend “remy” hair. Remy hair is human hair and it is the best money can buy. Remy hair comes from a donor. The donors may be Chinese, Indian or American. Additionally, vendors sell imported Brazilian and Peruvian hair. Human hair is gathered into a pony tail and then chopped off. Consumers can read Virgin Hair Extensions Reviews at Virgin hair looks very natural because the cuticles are intact and facing in the same direction. In addition, the hair can be colored, combed and washed. The hair never tangles, dries out, and will last for years with little maintenance. Some women keep the hair they have weaved into their’s and use it again and again. Buying hair is an investment and consumers need to know the reputation of the beauty supply distributor. For example, do not trust people who sell hair out of their cars. Invest in the best hair possible and enjoy the new style for months.

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