Tankless Water Heater Problems and Solutions

by | Jan 9, 2014 | Plumbing and Plumbers

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Tankless water heaters are quite economical. Their installation is easy since there is no need for storage tanks. They are also referred to as instantaneous, instant or point of use heaters. The functionality of a tankless heater is different from standard heater. Water flows directly into a heating device which has a sensor that controls the flow. Water then goes into a heat exchanger where it is instantly heated to the set temperature. When you turn off the tap, it automatically stops the heating process. Owing to the anticipated heater failures, you require the services of a tankless water heater Birmingham AL professional.

One main advantage of these heaters is that you only heat the water you need. As a result, you avoid wasting energy. On the other hand, a point of use heater does not store water. Chances of bacterial growth are very minimal. Other benefits include low maintenance costs and longevity of equipment. Your heater can be the gas/propane type or the ordinary one powered by electricity. There are variety of sizes depending on usage and family size. Whenever your heater stops working, the best thing would be to call tankless water heater Birmingham AL service personnel to have a look at it.

One of the most common problems with these heaters is that people push them to the limit. For instance, you want to take a shower while at the same time doing laundry and dishwashing. Doing so repeatedly may cause the heater components to fail. You can avoid heater failure by planning your tasks. Take a shower first before loading clothes into the washing machine. Once you are done, switch on the dishwasher. If you follow such a routine pattern, you will never have issues with the device. During installation, you can seek for more tips from the tankless water heater in Birmingham AL supplier.


Overloading an instantaneous water heater system is something people with large families often have to contend with. This happens every morning when everyone is in a rush to hit the shower and be in time for work or school. You should always bear in mind that there is no water tank. Therefore, spread the way family members take morning showers. Two people at a time will not overburden the heater. Ensure that maintenance of your water heater is on point. Even though it does not require much in terms of maintenance, having tankless water heater Birmingham AL people that you can call upon always helps.

Tankless water heater dealers in Birmingham AL offer product warranties. Get to know what yours contains. When you have problems with water heaters contact Plumbing Professionals.

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