The Advantages of Hiring Divorce Mediators in Suffolk County

Hiring Divorce Mediators in Suffolk County has many advantages when it comes to getting through a divorce with as little mess and hassle as possible. When it comes to getting a divorce, many couples forget that they were once friends, much less ever in love, and the talons come out. Especially if there are property and children involved in the divorce proceedings. The best way to make sure that the divorce goes smoothly and everyone gets what they think that they deserve is by hiring Divorce Mediators in Suffolk County. Below you will find out some of the advantages of hiring a Divorce Mediators at Cobert, Haber and Haber to mediate your divorce for you.

Cobert Haber & Haber, LLP Divorce Mediators are licensed and specialize in mediating divorce proceedings. They work to help you divide property and child custody issues equally and in an amicable manner. This puts much less stress on the parties involved in the divorce, making it easier to get the divorce proceedings over and done with, so that each party can get on with rebuilding their lives.

One great thing about divorce mediation is that it is much less costly than the court process is, because you don’t have to hire a divorce lawyer, just a mediator to handle the case for you. Some couples choose to have two divorce mediators, so that they have as little contact as possible, and the mediators can do the talking for them. This is still less expensive than hiring an actual divorce attorney to handle the case for you.

The main priority in a divorce where the couple has children is the children themselves. A mediator can handle child custody and child support issues in a calm manner that will not confuse the children or get them in the middle of the divorce. Too many children are hurt by divorce because of bitter feelings among the parents.

If you are in the middle of a nasty divorce, it might be a good idea to hire a mediator so that the case can be handled quickly and you can get on with your lives.


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