The Services that are Part of Beavercreek Cosmetic Dentistry

by | Apr 18, 2014 | Dentistry

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Everyone dreams about having a perfect set of white teeth. Unfortunately, not many people have enough discipline to follow dental hygiene procedures and maintain great teeth. In addition to that, there are other unforeseen circumstances such as inborn dental anomalies and accidents that interfere with dental perfection. However, thanks to technology, it is now actually possible change most of the dental problems that make us shy away from smiling. Here are a few procedures that beavercreek cosmetic dentistry experts offer.

Teeth whitening

Too much coffee, fluorine in the water and bad brushing habits are some of the main causes of brown teeth. Having stained teeth can be quite demoralizing. However, it is possible to work on the problem. The two solutions to this problem include getting a cosmetic dentist to either bleach your teeth or getting veneers. Bleaching acts on the staining and removes it. On the other hand, veneers cover the stained teeth.

Dental implants

Tooth decay and injuries can lead to the complete loss of permanent teeth. When this happens, you are left with gaps that do not look too pretty in the mouth. Dental implants are specially prepared to replace the missing teeth. They are made of metal such as titanium and are inserted into the jawbone. They act as a root and are used to support artificial teeth. Implants are a permanent and very sensible solution to tooth loss problems.


This procedure involves filing the enamel of the tooth and removing some material that is interfering with the even perfection of the tooth. The process is quite simple and painless. The process is very helpful for people that have uneven teeth or broken teeth.


This is another common cosmetic dental procedure. It is used mainly by people that have chipped, broken or stained teeth. The procedure involves getting a tooth colored implant to take the place of the spoilt tooth. The procedure works for people that have just a few teeth that are out of place.

Those are a few of the procedures that a beavercreek cosmetic dentistry experts will provide for you. If you live around Kettering, Dayton or Beavercreek, you can get the best cosmetic dentist.

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