Tips on Choosing a Car Accident Lawyer in Lafayette

by | Apr 7, 2014 | Lawyers and Law Firms

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Being in a car accident is a very trying and devastating time. Whether you were injured or not, there is always going to be emotional pain; however physical pain may also be there and could be debilitating. In some cases, you might need to hire a car accident lawyer in Lafayette, especially if the insurance company refuses to pay. It is helpful to know what to look for in a lawyer so you choose someone who can and will help you.

You will need to search and research lawyers. You wouldn’t purchase a vehicle just by looking at a picture, and you shouldn’t choose a lawyer based on his ad in the phone book or his commercial on television.

It is also important to find the right lawyer. There are lawyers for almost everything. Some help people with insurance problems while others handle workers’ compensation. You need a car accident lawyer in Lafayette that knows how to handle car accident claims.

Through research, find two or three potential lawyers that handle car accidents and then call them and ask for an interview. Ask them about their experience and qualifications. Through their website or on the phone, make sure to find out if they offer a free consultation. This is very helpful because the lawyer will take a good look at your case for free and decide whether they think they can take on the case. They may not be able to take your case for many reasons, including they already have a full workload or they aren’t sure they will win the case.

When you find two or three lawyers that will take your case, check their background; ask them how many cases they have tried and how many they have won. Also, make sure the car accident lawyer in Lafayette you choose knows about your state’s specific laws. Laws for personal injury cases vary widely from state to state.

You should also talk to the lawyer about yourself and your case. It is important that the lawyer knows all the information about the accident. It could cause problems later if you don’t tell the lawyer something that may affect the case. Even if you don’t think it is important, let the lawyer know.

Craig A. Davis is a car accident lawyer in Lafayette; in most cases, he can help you win your case and get you the help you deserve.


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