Treatment by a Dentist in Dallas Keeps a Patient’s Mouth Healthy

by | Jul 19, 2013 | Dentistry

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Many people believe that there’s no rush to have a cavity filled. What they should realize is that a cavity is an active bacterial infection. It will only get worse and might spread to the rest of their body, if it isn’t treated promptly. When a Dentist Dallas professional fills a cavity, what they’ve really done is clean out the infection first and then filled the cavity. It’s important for dental patients to understand that a healthy mouth helps keeps the rest of their body healthy.

That’s why regular dental check-ups at a Dentist Dallas office are so important. After looking for any cavities or dental problems that the dentist will have to address, the dental hygienist carefully cleans the patient’s teeth and gumline. This deep cleaning will find plaque and bacteria that the patient has missed. This is particularly important if the patient doesn’t floss regularly. Professional dental cleanings help prevent gingivitis. This infection can easily spread from the gum area to the circulatory system and even the heart.

While preventative dental care can address many issues, it won’t alleviate the need for all emergency dental visits. It’s too easy to fall down and knock a tooth out. Car and bicycle accidents often result in damaged teeth as well. A good Dentist Dallas office always finds time to help their patients with emergency care. A damaged tooth can become infected, just like any other open wound. Sometimes the dentist has to extract the tooth, because the damage can’t be fixed.

This can be alarming to the patient. No one looks forward to having a gaping hole in their mouth, especially if the missing tooth is one of their front teeth. The dentist should quickly reassure the patient that there are ways to replace their original tooth. Traditionally the dentist would have used a three-tooth bridge to fill the gap. A porcelain crown would have been attached to two porcelain crowns on either side of the hole. Today a dental implant is the preferred treatment approach, because it does not affect the healthy teeth on either side. It also keeps the jaw bone strong because the jaw has to support it. Without the implant or original tooth, the jaw weakens and loses mass.

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