Understanding Jacketed Tanks Or Vessels

by | Oct 2, 2014 | Business

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When you need a tank for mixing or other applications and you also need to have temperature control then jacketed tanks, also known as jacketed vessels, offer the perfect solution.

These highly specialized tanks are designed to have an inner compartment and an outer “jacket” and allows for liquid to be circulated between the two to provide the temperate control needed in specific types of applications. Jacketed tanks come in many different sizes, shapes and designs with several variations that are used specifically in different types of applications.

Dimple Jacketed Tanks

Dimple jacketed vessels are very easy to identify because of their very visible external design feature. The external jacket, which is a very lightweight material, has spot welds, which resemble dimples, at even distribution around the entire tank. This dimpling allows the liquid circulating inside to move throughout the jacket to either provide heating or cooling.

Double Wall Jackets

The double wall jacketed tanks are also known as conventional jackets. These consist of a second shell or exterior component that fits over a portion of the tank or vessel. This is particularly effective when condensation is required in the tank. There are also additional features that can be added to the tank to cause turbulence or increase the movement of the liquid to improve heating and cooling capacity.

Half-pipe Coil Jackets

A half-pipe coil jacket is also very easy to identify as you will literally see the ridges or the coils on the exterior of the jacket. The liquid, either for heating or cooling, circulates through the pipes that are split in half and welded to the vessel in a concentric circular pattern.

The hot or cold fluid can be added to the half-pipe coil in more than one place on the half-pipe coil jacketed tanks. This is important especially on larger tanks were there is a larger volume of liquid that needs to be quickly brought to a specific temperature.

There are some manufacturers of jacketed tanks that can provide you with different zones on a single tank to provide you with more control over temperature control. There are also systems of baffles inside the jacket of conventional double-walled jackets are ideal for increasing the ability of these tanks to do their heating and cooling job.

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