What to Expect After Being Fitted for Dentures in Pine Mountain, GA

by | May 5, 2021 | Dentist

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There is no doubt Dentures in Pine Mountain, GA can make life a lot easier. Once the era of real teeth is over, having a good quality set of dentures ensures it is still possible to enjoy many activities that would be difficult otherwise. Here are some examples of what to expect once the fitting is over and that first set of dentures is ready for use. Learning to Care for Dentures Thanks to decades of television commercials about denture cleaning products, many people assume all they have to do is drop a table in some water and place the denture plates in that water.

While this approach does go a long way in terms of cleaning the dentures, they do still need brushing. A dentist can recommend the right type of brush to use, and even the type of cleaning compound to remove any residue from the surfaces without scratching the material. When the dentures are not being worn or being soaked overnight, it pays to keep them in some sort of secure case. It is far too easy for denture plates to be accidentally knocked off a table or counter and end up cracked or split after hitting the floor. A case with adequate padding is also a good idea when the individual keeps a spare set of dentures on hand. That case can be easily packed in an overnight bag, ensuring they are ready to be pressed into service if the need arises.

Adjustments to Dentures As the years pass, the contours of the gums will shift somewhat. This is only natural, since there are no longer any teeth to maintain the shape of the jaw line. It helps to know that dentures can be altered up to a point. This will help to reduce irritation to the gums as the years pass, and also allow the owner to get a couple more years of use from those Dentures In Pine Mountain, GA before they need to be replaced. For people facing the prospect of being fitted for dentures, contact the team at Hamilton Family Dentistry. They can answer any questions the patient has, and also make sure the dentures are crafted using the highest standards.

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