When to Get Service at a Car Dealership Santa Maria

When you need service for your car, you have many options to choose from. You can order your part online, go to a local retailer or you can go back to the Car Dealership Santa Maria where you first bought your vehicle. The best option for you may be the one that gives you the most peace of mind.

The dealership should have earned your trust when you purchased your car. Hopefully, at that time you got an idea of how the business runs and were given an opportunity to see the parts and service area. Knowing who you are doing business with can be reassuring, especially when you need specific or expensive parts for your car. Keep in mind that when you purchase a car, you purchased a brand. The dealership who sold your car is trained in that brand. When you need service, you can be sure that your technician was trained at brand oriented schools and deals with that brand of car 90% of their day. At another service station, the technician will probably have a generic automotive education and may only deal with your car type once or twice a week. This specific knowledge of your brand can really help make a difference with a hard to diagnose issue with a difficult to install part.

A good dealership that you’ve established a relationship with is more likely to return the loyalty. If you have routinely brought your car in for service when it was due and let the same dealership address any problems that have come up, you will have set a record with the service technicians. After a few years, you may even know them by name. This can be a huge advantage if a problem develops right after your warranty ends. The same can help you if you have a problem that keeps coming up over and over. Another service shop that doesn’t know you may try to dig further into the problem than necessary or not offer you discounts that a dealership would. The loyalty factor needs you to be loyal first.

A car dealership in Santa Maria can give you advantages that a generic service station cannot. They will know your car better than someone who doesn’t handle that brand daily. And after a while, they will know you. These two things can be invaluable when you need peace of mind for the work being done.


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