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The price of electricity and natural gas has been increasing more and more every year. With the price of power going up and the realization that fossil fuels are not going to last forever it leaves people wondering how to be a responsible citizen and save some money. One of the best ways to save money and contribute to the reduction of fossil fuels is to have solar panels installed.

Having solar panels in NJ is a smart choice for your home or business. A nine year study conducted by the US Department of Energy show that homes with solar panels value increases twenty dollars for every one dollar in energy savings. There is also a Federal tax credit for homes fitted with a solar panel system. The federal government offers a thirty percent tax credit to any home or structure fitted with solar panels. To be eligible for this credit you must have had the panels installed in your home from January first two thousand nine to December thirty-first two thousand and sixteen. There is no cap on the credit.

If you choose to have solar panels in NJ it is important to make sure you have a nice sunny area for the NJ solar installers to install the panels, you may have to trim trees. This is important because for the system to be effective it needs full sun so a strong current can be sent to an inverter to be transferred into usable electricity. If you make more electricity than you use you can sell your excess energy to the power company.

There are many excellent reasons to choose solar for your energy needs. One of the most important reasons is our children. The children of the world deserve a cleaner, renewable alternative to depleting fossil fuels. By choosing to have solar panels installed you will not only be saving money and helping the environment, you will also be helping your local economy grow. It is no secret that people are building less and letting things go unreported because of finical woes. By choosing to upgrade your home you are also allowing people to work and earn money for their families.

No matter why you choose to upgrade you home with solar panels it is a smart decision that will pay for its self over time.

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