3 Signs You Need Air Conditioner Repair in Your Cape Coral Home

by | Oct 27, 2023 | Air Conditioning

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An annual tune-up will reverse some of the wear and tear your cooling system suffered during the previous year. It will also help reduce future problems. You may still need AC repair in Cape Coral, FL in the coming months, depending on the age of your system and your cooling habits. Knowing these signs can help you get an issue fixed before it gets worse and leads to costlier repair services.

Longer or More Frequent Cycles

If there’s a mechanical issue affecting your air conditioner’s operation, it will have to work harder to meet your cooling needs. This means you’ll notice that it kicks on more frequently or runs in longer cycles. As the condition worsens, those cycles will get longer and longer until the unit stops working altogether.

Unexplained Increases in Energy Costs

If you haven’t brought a new appliance or electronic device into your home, your energy consumption should remain fairly consistent. If you notice an increase in your utility costs each month, a faulty AC may be the cause. An HVAC technician can determine why your air conditioner is using more energy to maintain a consistent temperature.

Poor Cooling Throughout Your Home

You might also need AC repair in Cape Coral, FL if you notice that parts of your home feel warmer than other areas. Alternatively, you might notice that the whole house feels uncomfortably warm. If you find yourself repeatedly adjusting your thermostat, it’s time to call an HVAC contractor.

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