3 Surprising Facts About Patents You May Not Know

A patent protects an idea or concept from replication whether for profit or not. It can best be defined as protecting a unique process, device, or invention that is considered new and useful.

Fact 1 – Practically Anything Can Be Patented!

One surprising fact about patents is that almost anything can be patented. Since patents protect processes, concepts, and inventions, this is an extremely general definition and allows for some of the most unique and sometimes silly patents to be established. Some patents that have been established include a patent to protect the ears of dogs, a patent to add a sail to a bike, a patent to create a banana case, and many more outlandish concepts! These are just some of the patents that have been put into place by inventors who wanted to safeguard their ideas. A patent attorney is the best professional who can facilitate the establishment of a legal patent for one’s invention.

Fact 2 – Only a few US Cities actually file patents

The majority of patents filed in the United States actually originate from only a few cities. The most creative cities with the most patents include Burlington, VT, San Jose, CA, Rochester, Corvallis, OR, Austin, TX, Ann Arbor, Michigan, Poughkeepsie, NY, Boulder, CO, Santa Cruz, CA, Oakland, and San Francisco. Whenever a patent is established, a patent attorney is used to facilitate the process. No matter which State the inventor resides in, working with a legal professional can prove extremely helpful with the entire process.

Fact 3 – The cost of the average patent is worth more than $500,000

Another surprising fact about patents that may not be well known is that the cost of the average patent is worth over $500,000. This information is available from a Brookings study where recent patent sales between Nokia, Motorola, Nortel, and Eastman Kodak were compared. Even individual patents from companies that were not well known were easily selling for $1 million dollars. No matter the cost of the patent though, the best way to file one and protect your idea is by using the services of a knowledgeable patent attorney.

Protecting an idea and invention may require an upfront fee however the cost is worth the protection once the idea becomes profitable. Nothing is worse than losing funds because an invention was not adequately protected. Get the protection needed for your idea by working with a patent attorney in your local area.

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