3 Things to Look for After a Commercial Storm Damage

As much as humans would like to believe that they can, the elements cannot be controlled by anyone. Some geographic areas are more prone to the wrath of storms. When storms leave damage behind, especially on commercial properties, it is important to complete cleanup as soon as it is safe to do so. Commercial properties that house equipment and machines that throw waste near the public water systems pose a risk. Therefore, Commercial Storm Damage Cleanup Yonkers NY becomes important.

Here are three things to look for after a storm causes damage to a commercial property.

Structure Stability

Before you begin storm damage clean up on your commercial property, it has to be deemed safe enough to enter. Once it is safe to enter, you still have to be sure that the structures are stable. Building foundations can be weak, doors may not shut or open, and beams could be loose. When the magnitude of the damage has been assessed, you can ask the professionals to also estimate how much work will be required during the reconstruction phase. If the property is a total loss, you can decide how you want to proceed. If most of the structures can be salvaged, then that will be your starting point.


It does not always take a lot of time for mold to begin to show up. After a storm, if mold already existed, standing water technically feeds it. When you return to your commercial property, therefore, it has to be inspected for mold. If it is found, then, you will require remediation services.

Emergency Boarding

Properties that are deemed a risk due to structural instability must be boarded up to prevent others from entering. Commercial Storm Damage Cleanup Yonkers NY professionals can handle the boarding as well as remediation and estimates. For more information visit Armor Environmental Solutions.

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Author: Myrtice Lovett

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