4 Reasons to Use a Foam Roller for Painting

If you talk to ten painters, five of them may love the foam roller for painting while the other five may prefer other types of rollers. The truth is, foam type rollers are great for many uses and here are four of them you may want to consider

1. Large Areas

Foam rollers for painting are a great choice if you have to paint an entire room and you don’t have a great deal of time. They are faster than brushes, and you can easily apply a lot of paint within a short amount of time. If you have a small project like one wall or you need to paint trim or small sections of a room, you may be better off with brushes.

2. Smooth Surface Painting

When painting on smooth surfaces like walls and non-textured ceilings, a foam roller for painting is hard to beat. Why does foam work so well on smooth surfaces? It glides along as you use it. On the other hand, nap type rollers have many fibers that may cause paint buildup on smooth surfaces.

3. Great Project Tools

Once your painting project is over, foam rollers can simply be tossed in the trash. They are inexpensive, and there’s no need to keep them around. In fact, they may not hold up under constant use. If you plan to do a lot of painting you may want to invest in more expensive tools like microfiber or lambskin rollers.

4. Latex Paint

When you use latex paint, a foam roller for painting is a good tool. They make good general-purpose painting applicators for thinner paints. On the other hand, when using oil-based painting products, the foam may cause stickiness and uneven applications. No matter what kind of rollers you use, consider investing in high-quality products, for best results.

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Author: Myrtice Lovett

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