4 Things You Must Do If You’ve Recieved a Car Accident Injury in Arlington

A car accident in Arlington can be a frightening experience, especially if you’re injured. It’s very important to take the right steps after a Car Accident Injury Arlington to make sure your insurance claims for automotive damages or medical bills will be settled promptly and fairly. Depending on the circumstances of the accident, you may also want to hire an attorney for further legal action, and the steps you take immediately after your accident can either help or hinder your case. Below are the right steps to take after your accident.

Never Admit Fault

Admitting full or partial fault immediately following an accident is one of the biggest mistakes people make. High emotions and misconceptions often lead drivers to mistakenly assume responsibility to insurance agents, police and rescue workers and witnesses, and this stress-induced admission of guilt often causes legal problems for them later on.

Don’t Bypass Medical Treatment

It’s crucial that you receive medical treatment following a Car Accident Injury Arlington. Even if you feel fine, you could have suffered hidden injuries that could surface at a later time. A timely doctor’s evaluation of your injuries will be very important in legal proceedings if your insurance agency delays paying your claim or you decide to take further legal action against the other driver. You can also take pictures of your injuries to accompany your medical records.

Get a Police Report

People make mistakes, and the police are no exception. Make absolutely sure you get a copy of the police report from your accident so you can verify that names, dates and circumstances have been recorded correctly and legibly. A botched report can be very detrimental to your case if you end up fighting for a settlement in court.

Hire an Attorney

Many unforeseen circumstances can surround an automobile accident. Your insurance company could refuse payment, you could get blamed for the accident by the other driver or you may just be unsure how to proceed. A good personal injury lawyer can guide you through the process and can represent your interests in court if necessary. It’s especially important to seek legal representation if your injuries were severe, the circumstances surrounding the accident were unclear or complicated or you suspect a vehicle malfunction was to blame.

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