4 Warning Signs That Your Home Needs Electric Repair in Zionsville

If you own a home in Zionsville that’s 20 years old or more, there’s a good chance you could experience electrical problems at some point. Circuit panel and wiring technology is constantly advancing, and older homes often aren’t equipped to handle the electrical stress of 21st century power needs. Below are some warning signs that you may need an upgrade or professional Electric Repair in Zionsville.

Electrical Shocks

If you experience unexpected shocks from electrical outlets, light switches or electric appliances, it’s probably time to call an electrical. Shocks can be a warning signs that the wiring in your home is outdated or wasn’t installed correctly. An electrician may have to re-wire certain areas of your home to fix the problem. Prompt attention is important, because out-of-date or faulty wiring can become a fire hazard.

Increased Electronic Use

Multiple computers, gaming systems and big-screen televisions can put a lot of stress on your electrical system. The circuit panels that were installed in older homes weren’t designed to accommodate the amps needed to power these new technologies. If you’ve recently added new electronics or appliances in your home, you may need a professional to upgrade your circuit panel so it can safely handle the increased load.

Dimming Lights

Another warning sign that your electrical system is stressed are dimming or flickering lights. This will often happen when a large appliance like an air conditioner or electric water heater powers on. If your electrical system can’t handle the sudden power surge, it will temporarily compensate by drawing power from other areas in your home. Lighting inconsistencies usually mean it’s time for electric repair in Zionsville.

Unexplained Burning Smell

If you notice a burning odor in your home and you’re unable to trace its source, it’s essential to call an electrician right away. A subtle, unexplained burning smell could be a sign of an impending electrical fire inside your walls. This is a huge safety hazard and needs the prompt attention of a professional, so don’t hesitate to take action.

If you notice any of these warning signs in your home, it’s important to call an electrician for the necessary repairs or upgrades right away. The professionals at Burtner Electric Inc. can send a technician to your home for fast, reliable service.

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