5 Benefits of Buying New Homes in North Port

As the housing market continues to be filled with distressed homes, today’s house hunters have many cheaper options. However, despite the saturation of the used home market, buyers should not overlook the benefits of buying a new home. To help customers understand the advantages of buying a new home, here is a list of reasons to choose New Homes in North Port, over a previously built model.

More Customization Options

Many builders allow home buyers to take part in the design process, which creates a home tailored to the customer’s needs. A new buyer can often decide where to put the bathroom, choose their own flooring, or select the exterior paint color. There’s a great deal of flexibility for new home buyers that just isn’t available in the used home market.

The Building Envelope

Stricter building codes call for greater energy efficiency in New Homes in North Port and as new homes are built according to code, they naturally become more efficient. New homes are more efficient in two ways: they tend to have a tighter envelope that keeps heated or cooled air from escaping, and they come with energy-efficient HVAC units and other additions.

Greener Appliances

A home’s energy efficiency can help buyers reduce their monthly utility bills. New homes typically include green stoves, refrigerators, water heaters, washing machines and other appliances that just aren’t found in older homes. A home’s HVAC unit is usually one of its biggest energy users, but kitchen appliances matter as well. A current homeowner can retrofit their home, but that can get expensive. By buying a new home, energy efficiency is built in.

Fewer Repairs

A new home’s features should last longer than those in an existing home, which has likely encountered years of use. A person may buy a used home at a significantly lower cost, but they may lose much of their savings in replacing worn carpeting, appliances, and other components. When a person buys a new home, they’re not getting someone else’s wear and tear.

Diminished Maintenance Requirements

Today’s newly built homes are specifically engineered to be lower-maintenance. Some builders use composite building materials on homes’ exteriors, which reduces the need for repainting and replacement of rotting wood. When one buys a used home, they don’t really know what they’re getting into, but a new home from Reese Homes offers a worry-free experience.

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Author: Myrtice Lovett

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