7 Questions to Ask Before You Move into a New Apartment

If you’re finally ready to move, whether you want to be closer to where you work or just want better digs, here are a few questions to help you find exactly what you need:

Where is it?

Location is always essential. Determine commuting hours. The last thing you want is for your kids to spend hours on the road every day just going to and from the school or you from going to and from your office.

What are the terms?

Never sign on the dotted line without reviewing every condition on that lease agreement. Are there any limitations or restrictions that won’t work with you? Have cats? Check the pet policy for that one bedroom apartment for rent in Long Beach CA to make sure you won’t have to sneak in your feline pal in and out of the building for trips to the vet.

Is there a grace period?

If anything happens—your salary is delayed or you’ve had a ton of financial emergencies that make it impossible for you to pay the rent on time—a grace period can be a godsend. Always ask if there’s one.

Are there move-in fees?

Find out before you move into that one bedroom apartment for rent in Long Beach CA. Do you need to pay the first and last months’ rent upfront? How much is the security deposit?

Are there any guest policies?

Some types of rental units are casual about this, say MSN, while others might have restrictions especially on how long those guests could stay. Before you plan on inviting the whole gang over to your unit, make sure you ask or review your lease agreement.

Who takes care of emergency repairs?

Some communities have maintenance firms that take care of those repairs. That’s not the same for everyone so ask.

How secure is the property?
Find out what kind of security features the building has and if there’s a doorman or patrol available.

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Author: Myrtice Lovett

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