A Concrete Foundation Repair Company in Mississippi Can Relieve Your Worries About Your Home

When faced with a problem in his home’s foundation, a homeowner may immediately fear the worst. A leaning structure, huge cracks and the inevitable failure of the foundation that leads to the loss of his residence and hundreds of thousands of dollars can seem inevitable. Fortunately, most foundation problems are not this serious. Most concrete foundation problems can be easily remedied if caught early, although they can lead to much more serious problems if ignored. A company experienced in foundation repair can help a homeowner find the right solution to his problems.

A Concrete Foundation Repair Mississippi company can use one of several methods to repair a cracked or settling foundation, no matter whether the structure is one story or even two or three stories high. The common factor in all of the repair methods is the goal of underpinning the foundation to overcome problems such as soil erosion or lack of support for the structure. Underpinning can also provide more strength to the foundation if the homeowner wants to add another story to the structure. There are also times when flooding, an earthquake or even a prolonged drought have actually moved the structure, requiring remedial work on the foundation.

The helical pier method is one of the more common foundation repair techniques used today. In this method, helix plates or anchors are attached to the foundation to prevent it from moving in any direction. Holes are drilled in the locations where the anchors will be placed that allow brackets and supplemental rods to hold the foundation in place on solid soil, which prevents it from settling and degrading further. Helical pier foundation repair can be expensive, but it has a reputation for offering one of the best solutions to the problem of a crumbling foundation.

Other repair options include the installation of supplemental footings, which increases the support available to the foundation through concrete footings that are sunk into the top layers of the soil. This technique works in conjunction with pressure grout pumping, a process in which liquefied concrete is pumped into voids under the concrete foundation. The combination of the supplemental footings and pressure grout pumping redistribute the load of the building and reinforce degraded concrete. To get more information on repairing a cracked or degraded foundation, contact a Concrete Foundation Repair Mississippi company or Visit EwingAndRay.com.

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