A Dental Clinic in Canyon, Texas Cares for Older Patients and Their Special Needs

People now understand how important it is for people to take good care of their teeth. At the beginning of the 20th Century people only expected to live into their Fifties. Now people are easily living into their Eighties and Nineties. Their teeth have to last a long time. It’s important to find a dental clinic in Canyon, Texas that believes in preventative maintenance. Encouraging people to have regular checkups can find cavities when they are small and easily treated. Professional cleanings also prevent gum disease. As people age, their immune system weakens. That leaves them susceptible to the bacteria that cause gum disease.

Tooth enamel also becomes thinner as people age. A lifetime of drinking coffee and eating blueberry pie can leave teeth stained and yellow. Older people did not grow up in a time when people had their teeth whitened. They may feel they are just fine. When their grandchild is getting married, she may suggest to them that they get their teeth whitened to be ready for photographs. Older people may worry that a teeth whitening treatment will weaken their tooth enamel. This isn’t the case. These treatments actually contain substances that strengthen enamel. Stronger enamel resists stains. Once the treatment is complete at the dental clinic in Canyon Texas, their teeth could be up to ten times whiter. They may think that they look years younger.

Even with good dental care, older people many lose their teeth. This can be quite upsetting and depressing. They remember watching their parents try to eat or speak with dentures. They often had to keep pushing them back up because they kept slipping. Dental implants are now used to secure dentures. Once the teeth have been removed and the jaw has healed, the dentist inserts titanium implants at several locations in the upper and lower jaws. These are topped with small and smooth metal balls. These fit into slots in the bottom of the dentures. When the person wakes up in the morning, they take their clean dentures and snap them into place. They won’t have to worry about them the rest of the day.

People who want to learn more about these dental techniques can visit PanhandleDental.com for more information.

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