A Diamond Buyer in Edmond Will Pay Cash for Engagement Rings

Many people who have long-term illnesses are scrambling to survive economically. Every month, it’s a struggle for them to┬ápay their bills. They may have already sold off their junk car or old appliances to scrap metal dealers. Now, they are turning to their jewelry boxes. A Diamond Buyer in Edmond will turn an engagement ring into cash. Not only will he purchase the large center diamond, but the smaller diamonds on the side. While some diamond buyers will resell the entire ring, others will separate the diamond from its setting. Therefore, a person who has loose diamonds from broken jewelry can also sell those for cash.

The value of the diamond is based on its size, color and clarity. A smaller diamond can be worth more than a larger diamond, because of its superior color. A diamond buyer in Edmond will provide a free appraisal of any diamond. He will explain his assessment in detail to the diamond seller. She will probably be disappointed if she has a large engagement ring and finds out that the diamond is very low quality. The appraiser might even let her use his jeweler’s loupe to see the flaw in the stone.

Selling their diamonds and gold can make a person nervous. They can call ahead and make an appointment, so the appraiser will be waiting for them. Most jewelry stores have private rooms where the appraiser can meet with the diamond seller. If the person has a large estate collection, the appraiser may be willing to visit their home.

It’s difficult dealing with the loss of a loved one. When their estate has to be sold or divided among several people, it can be emotional. The appraiser is willing to review estates of all sizes. He can explain the individual value of each diamond or piece of jewelry. The people inheriting the estate can then decide to divide the actual jewelry pieces or to sell the jewelry and divide the cash.

Once a person with several diamonds knows the value of each, he can decide to sell them all at once or to spread out the sales. If he believes the price of diamonds will increase, he may keep them as an investment.

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